Cigars & Cognac

When selecting a good drink to go with your cigar, in general you should try to match relative flavors and weights. A full-bodied cigar calls for a full-bodied drink, while more delicate drinks, such as champagne, calls for a far lighter cigar. Finding the right combination cigar-cognac is not an easy thing, and of course, it requires a lot of time. Cigar and cognac must add spice one to each other and not to hide or mix their flavours, forming something strange and not tasty at all. This task has a lot of details and not every person is able to choose the prefect combination among the variety of cigars and cognacs.

“What Is The Right Drink for a Cigar?”
There is not a certain answer to this question . A lot of it is up to your personal preference. You should drink what you feel comfortable with; after all, smoking a cigar is a personal thing, and everything about this ritual should contribute to the enjoyment. Just drinking something purely because it seems to be the done thing, is to miss the point of the cigar.
Other factors certainly contribute when deciding what to drink with your cigar. The time of day for example – a cigar smoked after dinner will require a different drink from a cigar smoked in the morning.

Truly great pairings come when complex flavors within a cigar and a spirit create synergy — that is, attributes that were not evident come to the forefront. A dull cigar suddenly smacks of cocoa; whiskey tastes of orange peel. Both cigar and spirit develop a nuttiness where it previously hadn’t been. Predicting or pinpointing the causes behind such good fortune is harder than simply matching body weights. A spicy, salty cigar might soar when paired with a sweeter spirit because the tastes complement and create overtones of toast or nuts.

With that in mind, it becomes simply a matter of testing different combinations until you find one that suits you. Some people still enjoy the traditional accompaniments of cognac or port, others prefer single-malt Scotch or rum. Even non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee have been found to go well with cigars. In fact, it turns out that almost any drink with a complex enough flavor can be a good match to a fine cigar.

Cognac is the traditional, almost clichéd, drink to have with cigars.Both were usually taken after meals, and so they naturally became linked. Still, we strongly believe there is no better drink to combine with a cigar after a meal.

When you decide to buy a cognac, pay special attention to the age designation of the bottle. VS (Very Special) is the lowest age category, and generally ignored when pairing with cigars is about. The middle age bracket is designated VSOP (Very Special Old Pale), and indicates ageing of at least four and a half years. Mild and medium-bodied cigars go very well with this age of cognac. The highest age bracket is XO, standing for Extra Old, and has a minimum ageing requirement of six and a half years, though much older brandies can sometimes be part of the blend.

Scotch, precisely single-malt, is another good drink to have with cigars. Taken eitherway, on the rocks, or straight up, scotch will not be overpowered by even a strong cigar, and unlike cognac, you can drink scotch at any time of the day. There are infinity of different blends of scotch available today, and probably you will never have time to taste every cigar with every scotch. In much of the cases, the differences are so subtle that it is difficult to recommend a pairing of cigar and scotch, but half of the enjoyment is in the experimentation. The sheer variety available means that you will be able to continue experimenting for years to find an inspiring match for your chosen cigars.

Traditionally, rum and cigars come from a similar area. Whether we are talking Cuba or the Caribbean, the people who make cigars have also made rum. For this reason, they complement each other very well. The cigar makers make their cigars to go with the drink they know. This has changed somewhat in the modern world; cigar-makers are not necessarily limited to only drinking rum, and thus the cigars they produce might be better suited to other drinks. Rum in its cheapest and most basic form can ruin even the best cigar, accentuating any roughness of the smoke until all pleasure is lost completely. However, if you buy carefully, the right rum can be a perfect complement to a good cigar.

Believe it or not, it is possible to drink non-alcoholic drinks with cigars. As long as you are careful about which drinks you choose. One of the best non-alcoholic choices is coffee, particularly espresso, as it has strong, complex flavors, which complement the taste of a good cigar. A cup of espresso contains more than 600 different taste characteristics, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to a medium-bodied cigar.

“Some Suggestions on Findind the Right Combination”


Esplendidos: Cigar with a fine and colorful wrapper. This cigar is difficult to light up, though, the draw is very smooth. First we noted the spices (nutmeg and vanilla). We would suggest an X.O. from Courvoisier to match this cigar for it’s very aromatic nose with a vanilla note

Lanceros: Magnificent in it’s shining and firm wrapper delivering slightly spicy notes. On the draw, spicy aromas arise (cinnamon, white pepper). On the head of the cigar, Hine Antique is the most harmonious Cognac to go with it.

Siglo I: Small cigar beautifully aromatic where menthol, buttery and toastlike notes mix together.To accompany this small cigar, we would suggest an A.E. DOR N7


Gran Coronas: Very pleasant aspect, nice presentation for this slightly oily wrapper. The tasting is consistent to the end with aromas of honey.The best Cognac to match this fine cigar should taste harmonious rancio. Dynastie from Polignac is the One.


Epicure N1: It’s fine wrapper, slightly veined is rich and oily. A cigar that stands well in the mouth. Perfectly matches a young and dashing Cognac such as le Petit Gourmel.


8-9-8: Offers an irregular wrapper but very fine and oily. The first draw reveals subtle spice aromas.The best Cognac to match the draw of this remarkable cigar is the Quintessence from Gourmel.


N2 or OBUS: Nice wrapper and a very recognizable shape. A strong Cognac is required to resist these aromas, A.E.DOR N7 is the one we choose for it.

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