A Short History of Cigars and Tobacco

Have you ever wondered where cigars were first produced?  It is widely believed that cigars were first produced in Spain.  But before cigars became all the rage in Europe, tobacco was needed to make them.  Tobacco is indigenous to the Americas, where native peoples have produced it for hundreds of years.  It is believed that the Maya of Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and parts of Central America cultivated tobacco, and even smoked it!  Tobacco use spread to other tribes, both north and south.  It is believed that its first use in the United States was probably among the tribe along the Mississippi.  It wasn’t until Christopher Columbus sailed his famous voyage to the Americas in 1492 that the rest of the world came to know tobacco.

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Total Satisfaction Secrets

Becoming a Master

When it comes to the male ego regarding sexual expertise, we all hope to hear our names attached to some sort of proper tide of prowess: Earl of Eroticism, Duke of Desire, Lord of the Laying Lambada. (Or maybe just to hear our women refer to us as studs would be nice.) Problem is, having a tide of sexual distinction is not a natural born right.

pareja-sex-585To become a master of anything, you have to learn the art, study the science. By putting your knowledge together with real-life practice, you gain invaluable experience. This is what the maestros of movement, the Don Juans of our day, know to be true. So here is how we envision you earning your master’s degree. First, you need to prime your body for optimum performance. Sure, it’s important to stay fit and eat healthy; you know that already. Continue reading

Light up your cigar the way it should be.

Lighting Up a Cigar

You may consider that lighting up a  cigar could be as relaxed as it sounds, but you would be probably mistaken. It is correct if we say that anybody can light a cigar, but not to loose in a way the flavor, aroma and freshness of the cigar, that is completely         different. Smokers who really would like to have a pleasant experience while smoking their cigars, should follow these simple steps.

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Is Your Babe Getting Enough Milk


Breastfeeding mothers frequently ask how to know their babies are getting enough milk. The breast is not the bottle, and it is not possible to hold the breast up to the light to see how many ounces or millilitres of milk the baby drank. Our number obsessed society makes it difficult for some mothers to accept not seeing exactly how much milk the baby receives. However, there are ways of knowing that the baby is getting enough. In the long run, weight gain is the best indication whether the baby is getting enough, but rules about weight gain appropriate for bottle fed babies may not be appropriate for breastfed babies.

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