Light up your cigar the way it should be.

Lighting Up a Cigar

You may consider that lighting up a  cigar could be as relaxed as it sounds, but you would be probably mistaken. It is correct if we say that anybody can light a cigar, but not to loose in a way the flavor, aroma and freshness of the cigar, that is completely         different. Smokers who really would like to have a pleasant experience while smoking their cigars, should follow these simple steps.

Before you start, you should heat the end or foot of it for sometime. As you heat its end you will notice a black ring will be formed around it. Just make sure the cigar does not come in direct contact with the fire at any time or point. The flame should just be close enough as to complete the black ring around the Habano.

It is strongly recommended to use wooden or cedar matches when lighten a Cuban   cigar, as they do not mix with the cigar aroma. Though matches is the perfect choice, you can always use a lighter, if you really need to. Be sure you are going to use a      butane lighter, because butane lighters d not leave strong smell when you use them. The purpose of it is to keep unaltered the cigar flavor and aroma.

Now that your cigar is ready to be lit,  is when you must pay special attention, as the most important part is yet to come.The cigar should be in your mouth as you light up your matches, remember the cigar should never touch the flame. when the cigar is    approximately two centimeters from the fire, start to draw in calmly. As you start to do it, you will notice the cigar will soon light up, then you need to rotate it to equally distribute the flame through out the cigar`s surface.

Even though you will rotate your cigar, there probably will be the chance that the fire is  not equally distributed, just blow on the lit part to equally spread the fire. take a few puffs from the cigar to finish the process evenly and adequately.

These are very simple instructions, follow and apply them carefully and you will enjoy the smoking of a Cuban cigar experience like never before, and probably will do it again.

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